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Welcome to Forwards Lashes, a luxurious home-based lash studio in London, where you relax comfortably, close your eyes, and allow a Certified Lash Technician to customize your look and enhance your natural eye beauty.  

Complimentary Lash Consultation

A complimentary consultation is included in every appointment so I can best understand the look you’re trying to achieve in relation to the health and condition of your natural lashes.  If you’re new to lash services, this is a great way to learn about the different options.  If you’ve enjoyed lash services in the past, I want to hear what’s worked, what hasn’t and what your expectations are.   

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I use salon quality products to ensure a high service standard, excellent lash retention, a sanitary environment and a comfortable relaxed experience for you.  Book now, so we can move forward together on your lash journey. 

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Forwards Lashes

London, Ontario, Canada

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